Who We Are

We are parents. We are educators. We are therapists. We are caregivers. We are in this together.

In the fall of 2018, The Charlotte and Gwenyth Gray Foundation to Cure Batten Disease is opening The Gray Academy – a K-5 school for exceptional children with neurological needs. As parents of two children with a rare neurodegenerative disorder, Batten disease CLN6, Kristen and Gordon Gray recognize firsthand the daily struggles parents and students face when trying to juggle education with medical needs.

The Problem

There is a significant gap in the educational system for children with neurological challenges and developmental delays. The majority of these children have additional requirements that are not being met in the traditional school environment. Based on their unique and specific needs, many children are taken out of school multiple times during the week for hours at a time. Not only are they missing key instructional and social opportunities, but the physical toll of switching environments on the children and their caregivers is a hardship and a distraction from learning.

The Solution

The Gray Academy will be a non-profit non public* special needs elementary school in West Los Angeles County that will cater to children with moderate to severe neurological challenges, such as speech or gross developmental delays, gross and fine motor challenges and cognitive impairments. The Gray Academy criteria for acceptance will include but not limited to students with rare diseases, genetic disorders, traumatic brain injuries, mobility challenges, immunocompromised and more. The Academy will serve not only as an educational institution, but one with the capabilities of meeting the unique therapy needs of students at one location. We will have the equipment necessary for rehabilitation, safety in the classroom, as well as traditional and non-traditional therapeutic interventions.

It is our goal to partner with another local school so that our children have the opportunity to “model-up” and enrich the lives of both populations of children.

*Non public school is a private school that must follow the requirements of California public education and be certified annually.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an academic institution that addresses all the needs of the whole child, with a custom individualized approach to learning and therapy. We aim to fill the void of a school that offers a specialized education, coupled with physical, occupational, speech and language, and music therapies as well as bi-weekly opportunities for vestibular training, osteopathic manipulation, aquatic therapy, hippotherapy and a nutritionist that can help guide families with a diet that best fits their child’s needs.

We envision a place where bathrooms are handicapped accessible; children can seek comfort and solace in a quiet place when needed; we can bring a community of families together to help educate and guide one another on new innovation in science and research; and build an emotional support network for families dealing with the daily needs of a child with neurological differences.

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Email us at info@thegrayacademy.org or call 310-393-5115.

532 Colorado Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90401

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